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March 10, 2019 Bulletin

03.08.19 | Bulletins | by FPC Staff

March 10, 2019 Bulletin

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Having trouble hearing the service?  We have portable units that are connected directly to our sound system for optimum audio. Please see an usher about these devices!


Deacon of the Month: Joel Downey (8:30) Jason Ryder (11:00)

Today’s Ushers: (8:30) – Bill Gamel; (11:00) – Billy Harrington, Jack Atkins

Today’s Greeters: (8:30) – Susan Gamel; (11:00) – Brenda Harrington


Members of our FPC congregation have given today’s Sanctuary Flowers to the Glory of God and to enhance our worship of God this Lord’s Day.


Visiting with Us?

We warmly welcome you to our worship of God this Lord’s Day.

Please complete a FIRSTConnect Card and place it in the Offering … or in a FIRSTConnect Box in the entranceways.

To learn more about faith in Jesus Christ, as well as about church membership, your spiritual growth, and ways to learn & serve at FPC – please speak to Pastor Lifer following the service, or call him this week at the church office. You may also send a message to him via email ( ).


Welcome Back Spring Women’s Social

NEXT Tuesday Night, March 19, 5:30 p.m., At Kristin Hubbard’s home.  All ladies, members and guests (college students and all generations) – Come join us for a fun evening of fellowship and food. We will serve a baked potato bar with chili. Feel free to bring a sweet or dessert if you’d like (but not required). 

Childcare available: Please speak to Kristen Skinner, or call the church office – to let us know if you need help with childcare during the social.

Please call the church office if you have any questions.



Week of March 10, 2019

SUNDAY:                  8:30 a.m.               Worship Service

                                9:45 a.m.               Sunday School

                                10:30 a.m.             Fellowship Gathering (Fellowship Hall)

                                11:00 a.m.             Worship Service

MONDAY:                  7:00 p.m.              Boy Scouts (Boy Scouts Building)

                                 8:00 p.m.             Narcotics Anonymous, also on T, W, & F (Ed. Bldg)      

TUESDAY:                 7:00 a.m.              Men’s Prayer Breakfast (Parlor)

                                 5:15 p.m.              Bible Study (Fellowship Hall)

                                 6:00 p.m.              Chancel Choir Practice

                                 6:00 p.m.              Casserole Kitchen (Fellowship Hall)

WEDNESDAY:           5:15 p.m.              Dinner and visiting in the Fellowship Hall

                                 5:50 p.m.              Nursery, Children and Youth programs begin      

                                 6:00 p.m.              Happy Spring Break! No F&F this week.

THURSDAY:               1:00 p.m.              Women’s Bible Study (Fellowship Hall)

                                  6:00 p.m.              Casserole Kitchen (Fellowship Hall)

SATURDAY:             12:00 pm                Casserole Kitchen (Episcopal Church)

                                 6:00 p.m.              Narcotics Anonymous (Christian Education Bldg.)




March 12 – Loren Zimmerman                   March 14 – Bob Boyd



Prayer List

Cynthia Ware, together with her parents, Donna and Herman Ware 

Paula Elliott

Sylvia Love

Ellen and Charlie Weatherly

Danielle Gregory (friend of Bruce Leopold)

Charles Atkinson

Allison Jackson

Marjorie Malone

Paula and Carl Ivey

Ross Collins

Tom McElroy

Billy and Brenda Harrington

Janet, Gary, and Jay Bardwell

Bob and Dot Forbus, and Raleigh Wood (brother, sister-in-law, and friend of Jack Forbus) Thomas Guest (grandson of Charlie & Rubye Guest).

Gerlene Lifer

Beverly Smitherman (Ellen Mauldin’s cousin)

Bobby Fleming (brother of Gloria Cade)

Frances Knoll Waltman and Cissy Knoll Thomas (Libby Gill’s sister and mother)

David Skinner (Kyle Skinner’s father)

Frances Ellis and Brett Horton (Ellen Mauldin’s sister and her brother Leslie’s grandson)

Diane Daniels, her sister, Delores Irvin, and Kevin McCauley, Sarah Helen McCloskey and Craig D. Campbell  (family friends of Bob & Diane Daniels)

John Gassaway and Michael Tubb (Anna Ray Gassaway’s brother-in-law and nephew)

David Henderson, Cheryl Kay Linder (Beth Ann Dunlap’s stepbrother & sister)

Carl Ivey, Sr. (Dukedom, Kentucky); Anderson Ivey (Carl and Paula Ivey’s grandson in Birmingham); and Traci Hardin (wife of a manager of the Iveys’ Village Center Cycle)

David Sanders (Friend of Loren Zimmerman)


Additional Prayer List for Health Care / Assisted Living

Bessie Montgomery – Montgomery Gardens

Louise Haddigan – The Claiborne

Cattie Taylor – Beehive, Starkville

Jane Lusk – The Claiborne

Jetta Kuykendall – The Grove, Columbia

Frances Oakley – Sunnybrook Estates, Madison

Marie Tramel – Plain View, Richland

Maxine Eastland – Franklin, TN

Elizabeth Duffey – Presbyterian Village, GA

Jewel Jacobs (Cindy Walker’s mother) – Montgomery Garden

Lu Graham (Jane Zitta’s sister) – The Hermitage, Richmond, Virginia


FPC Officers

The Session and Diaconate meet monthly.

Dr. Martin Lifer, Moderator / Bob Daniels, Clerk of Session

Elders Emeriti: James (Jim) Long and Dero Ramsey

Elders Serving on Our Session

Class of 2019 

Class of 2020 

Dolph Bryan 

Carl Ivey 

Harold Clark 

Jim Beaty 

Cecelia Cook 

Peggy Johnson 

Bob Daniels 

Jeff Foster 

Orly Hardin 


Edward Kemp 

Class of 2021 


Wallace Cade 


Jack Forbus 


Will Martin 


Cal Rackley 

Deacons Serving on Our Diaconate

Class of 2019 

Class of 2021 

Peggy Branch 

Glenda Clark 

Vivian Cade 

Jack Cook 

Joel Downey 

Peyton Fandel 

Jason Ryder  

Robby Holditch  

Class of 2020 


Tabor Mullen 


Kristen Skinner 


Johnny Fair 


Jeremy Murdock


Officer-Leaders of Ministry Teams

Please speak to these leaders today to learn more about the following ministry teams:

Bob Daniels                                                             Administrative Team

Will Martin                                                                      Education Team

Jack Forbus                                             Outreach and Missions Team

Orly Hardin                                                               Shepherding Team

Cecelia Cook                                                                    Worship Team



FPC Starkville (EPC) Women’s Ministry

Janice Kinard, Moderator

Mission for March:  Aretta Zitta - Young Life/Club Beyond Ministry

Circle Meetings - 2nd week of each month (7:00 pm Circle meets 3rd Mon.)

Lesson:  Week 5, The Messiah

Sunday, 3/10 – Parlor , 8 am, Leader Lynda Forbus *SPRING UP*  -  Time changes

Monday, 3/11 – Parlor, 1:30 pm, Leader Sara Wilson

Wednesday, 3/13 – 6 pm – Parlor, Leader:  Vivian Cade (Note: Changed from Tuesday)

Monday, 3/18 – 7 pm, Location TBA  Leader:  Amy Weiskopf


FPC Starkville (EPC) Men’s Ministry

Will Rackley, President, Charlie Weatherly, Treasurer


Happy Spring Break!

No Friends and Family Meal or Wednesday Night activities this week, March 13, 2019.


If you are interested in being part of our October 2019 Mission Trip to Visit Scotland and the Free Church of Scotland congregations we are helping God to plant in Haddington and Dundee, and if you have not yet spoken to Jack Forbus or to Dr. Lifer as we begin to make our arrangements – then please speak to one of them,… or leave a message this week with Rita Usher, Dr. Lifer’s Pastoral Secretary.

Departure Date for the Mission Team is to be Friday, October 11 (arriving in Edinburgh Saturday, October 12). Group members will have the option of returning either the weekend of October 18 or the weekend of October 25 (when Jack Forbus and Pastor Lifer will be returning, following the UKP Conference and Tour).