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A New Community

A New Community

Nov 03, 2019

Passage: Mark 3:6-35

Preacher: Joe Nasvytis

Series: Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

Category: Light of the World!



1. Since Jesus’ words and deeds authenticate His ____________ , we can humbly ___________________others to follow Jesus with us.

The Pharisees went out and immediately held counsel with the Herodians against him, how to destroy him. Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the sea, and a great crowd followed, from Galilee and Judea and Jerusalem and Idumea and from beyond the Jordan and from around Tyre and Sidon. When the great crowd heard all that he was doing, they came to him. And he told his disciples to have a boat ready for him because of the crowd, lest they crush him, for he had healed many, so that all who had diseases pressed around him to touch him. And whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out, "You are the Son of God.” And he strictly ordered them not to make him known. (Mk. 3:6-12)

2. Since Jesus implants His ____________ and ____________ in His disciples, we can confidently learn from and ____________ Jesus in community.

I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure. (Matt.11:25–26)

So, from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. (2 Cor. 5:16)

God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things--and the things that are not--to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him. (1Cor. 1:27-29)

Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed twelve—designating them apostles—that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach and to have authority to drive out demons. (Mark 3:13-14)

I tell you the truth, at the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. (Matt. 19:28)

Four characteristics of Jesus’ disciples:

a. Jesus’ disciples are _______________ by God’s grace.

For [God] chose us in [Christ] before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In loved he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will. (Eph. 1:4-5)

b. Jesus’ disciples are _____________________ and doing what Jesus did.

"The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor." (Luke 4:18-19)

Your love is better than life…My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods…You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing…He fulfills the desires of those who fear him. (Ps. 63:3, 5; 145:16, 19)

c. Jesus’ disciples are ministering out of ___________ ____________ with Him.

d. Jesus’ disciples are called into a _____________________ .

3. Since Christ followers are part of God’s family, we need to understand the implications and ___________________ of being a family member.

Then Jesus entered a house, and again a crowd gathered, so that he and his disciples were not even able to eat. When his family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, “He is out of his mind...And his mother and his brothers came and standing outside they sent to him and called him. A crowd was sitting around him, and they told him, “Your mother and brothers are outside looking for you.” “Who are my mother and my brothers?” he asked. Then he looked at those seated in a circle around him and said, “Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.” (Mark 3:21-22, 31- 35)

Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. (Matt. 7:21)

Both the one who makes men holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers. (Heb. 2:11)