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Presbyterian Women

FPC Presbyterian WomenPresbyterian Women's Ministry

Presbyterian Women's Ministry is our organization for adult women of all ages. At the local level, the work of PWM makes a significant contribution to the life and ministry of the individual church.

Presbyterian Women's Ministry at FPC Starkville is a very active organization. We are strongly committed to the purpose of nourishing our faith through Bible study and to putting that faith into action through service. Our activities support the members and programs of our local congregation, as well as missions in our community and beyond.4,200 square feet to the main church building. Occupancy of the new facilities took place in early 2007.

How to Join

All women who are members of FPC Starkville automatically become members of PWM. As is the case throughout our denomination, much of PWM’s local work is done through the combined efforts of its smaller groups, called "circles." Each FPC woman is encouraged to join a monthly PW circle group. Those who are unable to belong to a circle are classified “associate members” and are invited to support and participate in any PWM activity they can.

Circles Meet

At FPC we currently have four regular circles and a sewing group for missions. Circles meet monthly throughout the year, usually during the second week of the month.

Moderator - Michele Rackley

Sunday Morning Circle: 8:00 a.m. – Parlor 

Monday Morning Circle: 10:00 a.m. – Parlor

Monday Afternoon Circle: 2:00 p.m. – Parlor

Monday Night Circle 7:00 p.m. TBD 

Tuesday Night Circle: 6:00 p.m. TBD

What We Do

  • PWM activities at Starkville FPC include:
  • Bible Study - A designated study leader for the month teaches the Bible lesson for all circles.
  • A brief business meeting
  • Collection of offerings for our monthly and ongoing missions
  • Fellowship time
  • Sponsoring church-wide "diapers and wipes showers" for FPC families with new babies
  • Annually funding a $1500 scholarship to an FPC student
  • Providing congregational meals during Holy Week
  • Honoring the church staff with dinners at Christmas and during Staff Appreciation month
  • Sponsoring the Cookie Patrol, which maintains a stock of "goodies" for use by the church’s Visitation Committee
  • Supplying helpers for FPC’s monthly Family Night Supper
  • Assisting with meals provided for families before or after funerals
  • Providing volunteers for decorating the church during Easter and Christmas
  • Sewing for missions
  • Sponsoring a yearly Ladies’ Bible Study
  • Contributing annually to support the FPC adult exercise class, Campus Ministry, the FPC Childcare Center
  • Collecting offerings in support of FPC-sponsored missionaries and denominational mission activities