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Are You Inviting or Fighting God's Control?

Posted by Martin Lifer on

Tonight (6-7 p.m.), we continue with our most important Bible Study questions of 

Is God in Control?

Is God Right?

… Is God Good? 

We'll also continue with our personal application/growth questions:

 In what ways do you invite, and in what ways do you fight, God's control?

Who or what is getting most of your time, attention, love, and respect on a daily basis?

Key verses tonight include Genesis 18:14a “Is anything to hard for the LORD?” and Genesis 18:25c "Shall not the Judge of the earth do right?"

Tonight, also, our new school year of Wednesday Children's Ministry & Choir program, SOS and Youth continues (5:50-7 p.m.), and Adult Chancel Choir Practice is 6-7 p.m. Come join us for mid-week inspiration, re-focus, and fellowship.

Please continue in prayer for the people, communities, first-responders and mission workers: 

(a) in Texas & now Louisiana -- dealing with Hurricane Harvey; and 

(b) in Mumbai & other parts of Northern India, as well as Nepal & Bangladesh -- dealing with flooding from monsoon rains (with more than 1200 already dead and millions forced from their homes).


“Is anything to hard for the LORD?”