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Giving Thanks for Boswell's 99th

Posted by Martin Lifer on

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We give thanks to God as a church family for the 99th Birthday [coming this Saturday, May 6] of one of our most longstanding members, Boswell Kennard.  When I visited him at his farmhouse this morning, I found Boswell reading the manual for his 1971 John Deere Riding Mower. [See the photos above and below.] Boswell -- the quintessential practical engineer and active nonagenarian -- wants to repair that mower this week. He will need to work fast, though, with family and community festivities about to interrupt his daily routine. His baby sister, Mamie, arrives this afternoon, and then the Oktoc Community has an event to which we are all invited this weekend:
A Birthday Party for Boswell on his 99th this Saturday, beginning 2:00 p.m., at the Oktoc Community Clubhouse (2740 Oktoc Road). 
Boswell also shared with me his delight at the way God has been blessing our church family this year in faithfulness and fruitful ministry. In turn, we can all rejoice in having such a faithful big brother in the Lord!
Blessed at Boswell's (Upcoming) Birthday,
Martin Lifer
Third Thursday of Easter Season, May 4, 2017